Details of Diablo 4 have been revealed

PC Gamer has released new information on Diablo IV, giving gamers an insight into the game and its development. Here are some of the most notable features: Players will explore dungeons, battle monsters and get loot in a classic action-RPG; no MMO-like balance between multiple players is enforced - just pure destruction against evil foes; endgame content includes nightmarish dungeons with unique challenges, rewards and PvP zones.

The developers also implemented a cap to the amount of improvement points that can be acquired each season. Additional bonuses like experience boosts come as part of an 80 hour battle pass, with premium parts carrying cosmetics.

Those who want to delve deeper into the story can do so without having to grind through levels - instead they can wait for updates or other content. Diablo IV launches on June 6th, and those who pre-ordered can play as early as June 2nd. The exact launch time was provided by Blizzard.