Hangar 13's job postings have hints of stealth and multiplayer in Mafia 4

Hangar 13 recently released some new job postings on LinkedIn, and gamers have been eagerly analysing the potential hints that could suggest what features we can expect from Mafia 4. According to the openings, it looks like stealth and multiplayer elements may be part of this exciting new game.

The team is looking for a lead AI designer who will work with developing NPCs, as well as creating engaging gameplay cycles which include both stealth and combat mechanics. Additionally, they are also in search of a senior systems designer who has experience making AAA titles, working on multiplayer games or building service games.

It was previously known that Hangar 13 had started development on a prequel to the original trilogy. However, these job postings might even point towards a fifth installment in the Mafia series.

Thus, we can only wait with bated breath to see what the developers have up their sleeve for this new game.