How to make 2000 average damage on SPGs in World of tanks

It's guide for 9-10th level SPGs.
After 2 years of strong SPGs debuff in new version 1.20 Wargaming decided to improve SPGs, so it makes sense to play this vehicles again and piss off tank nerds.

  • Don't forget to remove the Ensk and Himmelsdorf maps. These maps are still the most inconvenient for artillery.
  • Don't use armor-piercing shells.

Also we recommend to take 80% High-Explosive shells with big burst radius and 20% HE shells with small burst radius.

1st shot

Prepare the HE shell with big burst radius for it.

SPG is a very clumsy class of vehicle, so during the timer countdown we must already know where we are going. Preferably it should be the nearest bushes.

So, the first shot is very important: when the enemies still have time to disperse and take cover. In this case, there is a chance to hit even 2-3 tanks at once, which are on their way to the position. Especially not bad considering the current increased damage and dispersion.

You should stop move (even if you have not reached the selected position) and take aim exactly when aiming circle had time to shrink to its minimum diameter by the end of the first shot's reload.

The best places on all maps to take aim in the first seconds of the battle are below:

Fisherman's Bay
Serene Coast
El Halluf
Sand River
Arctic Region

Next playing

  • Don't forget to move to places where you can get better prostrations
  • If the allies have lost one flank, don't be lazy to move to a safer position beforehand
  • We also recommend you try to hit the tank exactly, not splash damage

Good luck and we wish you high damage!