How to get 5000 mmr in Dota 2
In Dota 2 player’s MMR (Match Making Rating) can be used as a measure of skill and it is important for those who wish to compete at higher levels of play or pursue competitive gaming opportunities. To achieve a higher MMR rating, there are several strategies that gamers should keep in mind when Read more
How to make 2000 average damage on SPGs in World of tanks
It's guide for 9-10th level SPGs.
After 2 years of strong SPGs debuff in new version 1.20 Wargaming decided to improve SPGs, so it makes sense to play this vehicles again and piss off tank nerds.

  • Don't forget to remove the Ensk and Himmelsdorf maps. These maps are still the most inconvenient
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How to win over a gamer girl (egirl)?

Are you looking for that special someone to share your gaming moments with? What could be better than a beautifully gamer girl with sexy makeup...
Here are a few tips on how to find her:

1. Get Good at Games

Show off your pro skills and get those high ratings - because nothing attracts gamers Read more